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Blogging – But, How Often?


After reading a question from one of the members of Brisbane Small Business today about how often she should be blogging, I thought I would put my pen to paper on my ideas for the optimal amount of blogging for a small business.

And sorry to disappoint but there really is no be-all-and-end-all answer, you won’t find any business epiphanies here.

It really is about dedication to a content strategy, having something people want to read about and knowing who your readers really are. And that is different for every business.

But, there are a few tips to keep in mind to optimise the impact your blogging efforts will have on your business.

Quality Over Quantity

What you really want to be doing is producing content that your readers want to read. Duh? But it is far more complex than that. You need to really know your customer.

  • When they are online
  • What groups they’re active in
  • What sites they visit
  • What products they’re likely buying
  • Where they might sit in the sales funnel

Each piece of content won’t always appeal to everyone and to be honest, you don’t want it too. You want to write for segments of your target audience to re-engage them at different times.

If you really want an answer, I would recommend you start blogging fortnightly – and monitor your website and social media data.

This will tell you what topics are a hit and then you can focus your content strategy further down on these topics. What your insights will tell you about your customers is amazing.

Multi-purpose Functions of Blog Content

So, when you put all of that effort into writing a blog, don’t just let it sit on your site and hope that someone reads it.

While new and fresh content regularly on your site is amazing for SEO, especially if it is optimised through meta descriptions, strong titles, contains links (we could go on for days), you need to be disseminating this content across your social networks as well.

Think of ways your content can be re-produced for or shared across:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Groups
  • LinkedIn
  • Email Campaigns – maybe your newsletter?
  • Video content/Webinars
  • Guest blogging on others sites
  • Maybe even a hand out educational brochure at the next event or expo you attend!

The sky is the limit – really.

This is by no means an extensive overview of blogging for your business. It is just a snippet of insight into some of the things that I think about daily as I am preparing blog content for clients.

So, for a chat about how we can improve your content marketing or if you’d like to stop wearing all of the hats in your business, send me a message or, check out more about our Content Marketing Services.

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