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Chatbots That Can Bring Your Small Business More Enquiries!

chatbots for small business

No matter what kind of business you have, being accessible for your customers as much as possible is of paramount importance. But, you already have limited hours as a small business owner and you can only stretch yourself so far. Customers browsing your site are looking for help and they want it right now, that’s why installing low cost chatbots for small business can help you respond to your customers quick and hopefully… land more sales! is a free messaging app that’s lets you monitor and chat with visitors on your website, mobile app or from a customisable page! It is good because of the ability to chat from mobile devices meaning even if you’re on the go, at a lunch or a conference, you can respond to your customers enquiries!

Pure Chat

If you have a business where a number of different employees could monitor the chat then Pure Chat is for you. It’s point of difference is the unlimited users option which not all chat providers can offer to small businesses. This can help relieve the demanding nature of a constant ‘customer service’ platform from just one person in the business and distribute the responsibility to lighten the load.

Jivo Chat

The basic Jivo Chat is another one of the chatbots for small business freely available. It is very similar to the previous 2 recommendations. If you select to upgrade to the Professional version I like the function of being able to transfer the chat between different users. This means that the person with the most knowledge about a particular subject can speak with the customer and therefore be more engaging and helpful with a better chance of leading to a sale.

Need help installing a chatbots for small business? Social for Small Business has you covered. Send us a message.

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