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Why Your Small Business DOESN’T Need to Be Worried About The Facebook Announcement

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It’s hard enough to get noticed on social media as a small business without the new Facebook announcement scaring the living day lights out of business operators. There has been a lot of scare mongering in the digital community about a massive drop in page views and a lot less people seeing your organic content. But, in reality, that is only for the businesses who aren’t doing it right in the first place.

What You Can Do

Focus on Creating Engagement and Brand Love

If you are already creating and sharing content that engages and is valuable to your following, then you really have nothing to worry about. What Facebook is inevitably trying to do is rid the site of spammers, illegitimate pages that fill up our News Feeds and push you away from the platform and give Facebook users a truly engaging social experience.

So, if you’re posting good news stories about your business, sharing photos and videos of what’s happening in and around the office and the content you are posting is educating your audience, don’t worry you’ll be okay!

Invest in Paid Facebook Advertising

Paid Facebook Advertising is a more guaranteed way of your market seeing the products and services you have on offer. Facebook are adding new ways to advertise every day dependent upon your goal whether that be leads, brand awareness or bookings – if you haven’t yet, you need to start investing in some paid campaigns. Start small, see what works and what doesn’t and go from there.

It is so important to review your campaigns upon completion and use the data as a strategy moving forward.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.  – Albert Einstein

For more information check out Mark Zuckerbergs exact post on the Facebook announcement here.

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