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How ‘Conscious Marketing’ Pushed Me to Build My Business

Conscious Marketing

I was waiting for a workshop by the ATO on record keeping for small businesses to start as I opened the first page of the book, Conscious Marketing by Carolyn Tate. This was the moment that I really knew I needed to throw myself into building my business head first.

Working in marketing, across many different industries and although delivering successful campaigns for those organisations, I never quite felt at home. My beliefs and values didn’t align with most of the companies I was spending over 40 hours a week working for and I knew that something had to change.

I want to be in the business of helping people build their business, not the corporate world of more advertising should equal more sales and more sales means more money for advertising. I wanted to be a conscious marketer,  before I even knew it.

Carolyn Tate in Conscious Marketing describes how marketers could heal the world if only we adopted a healthy language that measures happiness and joy – Huh? She goes on to explain..

Instead of ‘consumers’ we should be marketing to ‘humans’, and rather than researching and appealing to the needs of our ‘market’, we should be working towards ‘community acceptance’ of our brand. In conclusion, Carolyn Tate says that instead of ‘brand awareness’ we should be focusing on ‘company love’ in order to build a successful community AROUND our business.

On reading these words I knew this is what I wanted my business to strive to be and I wanted to help other small businesses to strive for conscious marketing, using my skills in the digital world. This is what I had been looking for all along.

If you’re looking to consciously market your products and services, in a way that builds a community in full support of your business, I want to help you succeed.

Get in contact with me today through the Contact Us page or at [email protected] and let’s see what we can do together.

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